One-of-a-kind handcrafted custom jewelry

Sometimes, an event or person is just too

special for an off-the-shelf gift.

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What is the perfect gift?

Some gifts are at home in a colorful bag stuffed with tissue paper. But other gifts are unique…wrapped in memories, tied up with the deepest love, and presented at a moment when time stands still. 

Nile Jewels is the second type.



Owner. Artisan. Purveyor of things unique and special.


What Type of Unique Fits You?

amethyst ruby sapphire bracelet


Handcrafted, custom bracelets with handpicked gems and stones

amethyst ruby sapphire bracelet


All our necklaces are handcrafted with  handpicked gems and stones.

tourmaline earrings


Elegant handcrafted earrings with handpicked gems and stones.

Exclusive COllection

Handcrafted Jewelry
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Spring 2023 Collection


ruby bracelet
sapphire bracelet
moonstone necklace

“Kathy created an exquisite necklace for my wife as an anniversary gift. She loves it! I will definitely be purchasing from Nile Jewels again.”

— M. Gentile

“I had an onyx and gold bead strand necklace that belonged to my mother in the 1970’s and wanted to use those beads to create more current pieces for my two adult daughters and myself. Kathleen worked with me to find additional pearls and beads and then created two beautiful necklaces for the girls and bracelets for me. She listened to my description of our individual styles and hit the mark for each of us and we love the unique jewelry Kathleen created.”

– Gina Kern

What we do

Handcrafted Jewelry Made With Love

Gems are handpicked and arranged by our designers to give voice to the true meaning of the piece.

The Process

How It Works


Pick Your Jewelry Piece

Choose the one-of-a-kind, handcrafted piece that speaks to you.

Choose Your Clasp

Choose from among a range of styles of clasps, and let us know your sizing and use requirements.


Consult An Expert

Can’t decide which one you like? Do you want something not shown on the site? Let us know and we will custom make your dream piece.


Our Latest Jewelry

The Spring Collection is here

Browse our catalog. If you don’t see what you want in our collection, contact us and we will create your perfect piece together.